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The X-Men's Krakoan era segue into 'From the Ashes' era to be explored in Uncanny X-Men #700 more directly that we thought

Incoming X-Men editor Tom Brevoort talks about the new era coming in as the old one says goodbye

Image credit: Ryan Stegman (Marvel Comics)

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Marvel Comics' bold and nostalgic revamp of the X-Men line began Satuday with its first story - a back-up story in the Blood Hunt Free Comic Book Day Special. And while the era begins in earnest with its first new series, X-Men, launching July 10, we now know that the 'goodbye' to the previous era will be sharing the stage with the era that's replacing it.

June 5's X-Men #35 (which is also Uncanny X-Men #700 due to renumbering) has been described by Marvel as "the end of an era" (the Krakoan era, that is), but as incoming X-Men group editor Tom Brevoort puts it - the new 'From the Ashes' era is going to be taking over the book's final pages. In talking about the aforementioned new X-Men era debut in May 4's FCBD special, Brevoort talks about the future - and its coming sooner than you might think.

"From here, the next taste comes at the end of Uncanny X-Men #700, the final Krakoa-era issue edited by Jordan D. White," says Brevoort on his Substack. "My crew produced the final ten pages of the issue, which segues very directly out of the wrap-up that comes immediately before and gives a sense of the table-settings of a bunch of key characters before we roll into the actual issues themselves. Hope to see you along for the ride!"

Although he doesn't specify who is writing or drawing those final 10 pages, the creator list for X-Men #35 includes incoming X-Men writer Jed MacKay and incoming Uncanny X-Men writer Gail Simone.

X-Men #35
Image credit: Pepe Larraz (Marvel Comics)

In the same newsletter, Brevoort also lays out his goal for the X-Men line - to beat both Marvel's Spider-Man titles, as well as DC's Batman titles. "Sure, there’s an inherent popularity to Spider-Man or Batman — but the same thing is true of most of the marquee characters at both companies. So just because Spidey books and Bat books have been selling well for a long while doesn’t make that a steady-state situation. Just look at X-Men," says Brevoort. "It was the unshakable top-of-the-heap series for two decades-plus, and people said exactly this about it. And then it wasn’t as much. Hopefully, we’re going to work to put it back on top again — but to do so, we’re going to need to outperform the Spidey titles and the Bat titles and everything else in the marketplace."

For more on the new X-Men 'From The Ashes' era, check out our guide.

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