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There's one big reason Warner Bros will never put all its TV shows and movies on Max

Why aren't all of Warner Bros.'s TV shows and movies on Max, TBS, and TNT? They never have been, and there's a reason for that

Image credit: Warner Bros.

Many of David Zaslav's moves at Warner Bros Discovery have gone under major scrutiny, and one of the major ones is his (and his team's) decision not to air some of the movies and TV shows they create, in favor of selling them to other platforms - be they streamers or alternate channels to air. Because, with a streamer of its own in Max and numerous channels including TBS and TNT, why wouldn't they simply air that content themselves...?

The answer is occasionally overlooked, but obvious... and its not just Warner Bros Discovery, or David Zaslav. It's the industry as a whole.

While there was much consternation over WBD not funding a third season of Our Flag Means Death, or shopping around much-vaunted TV shows such as the upcoming Batman: Caped Crusader to Amazon Prime Video, there's actually nothing new in the approach of letting the market decide where shows end up. Sure, studios such as Warner Bros - and also Disney, Paramount, and many others - have created shows and movies but decided against airing them themselves in favor of giving it away to others. But why?

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