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Everything you ever wanted to know about Thor and Jane Foster’s romance

A complete timeline of Thor and Jane Foster’s relationship

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Have you ever heard someone describe a relationship as complicated? When it comes to Thor and Jane Foster, complicated would be considered an understatement. Thor is a superhero who has been appearing in Marvel Comics since his 1962 debut, and Jane Foster was his first love interest. In the beginning it seemed so simple, with Thor disguised as a physician named Donald Blake, and Jane as the nurse who loved him. Of course, there is nothing simple about a romance between a Norse god and a healthcare worker.

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Throughout their 60-year history, their romance has been a roller coaster. Jane has merged bodies with Thor’s other girlfriend, and at one point she even became Thor herself. Like I said, it’s been crazy. With the movie Thor: Love and Thunder hitting theaters, the relationship between Jane and Thor has taken center stage again. To help prepare us for the next exciting chapter in their love story, we’ve put together a handy timeline tracking their romance across comic books and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you thought Jim and Pam from The Office had a rocky relationship, wait until you see what Thor and Jane have gone through.

Thor and Jane in the Comics

Journey into Mystery #84 (1962)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Jane Foster (identified as Jane Nelson) is introduced. Jane is employed as Dr. Donald Blake’s nurse. The story establishes that both of them secretly harbor romantic feelings for the other, but neither of them make the first move. Jane is captured by a South American dictator, but Donald Blake’s heroic alter-ego Thor rescues her. Jane finds herself smitten with the God of Thunder.

Journey into Mystery #90 (1963)

Donald Blake decides to confess his romantic feelings for Jane, and reveal his double-life as Thor. As Blake begins to tell Jane the truth, an image of Thor’s father Odin appears (unseen by Jane) forbidding him from revealing his identity to a mortal. Blake obeys Odin’s command, and cuts off his conversation with a frustrated Jane.

Journey into Mystery #97 (1963)

Donald Blake almost proposes to Jane, but loses his nerve. Later, Thor asks Odin to grant him permission to marry Jane. Odin denies the request, stating that a god cannot marry a mortal. Jane confronts Dr. Blake, telling him she won’t wait around for a proposal any longer and has decided to accept a position with Dr. Basil Andrews.

Journey into Mystery #98 (1963)

Jane is disgusted when Dr. Basil Andrews refuses to stand up to the villain Cobra. As a result, Jane resigns from Dr. Andrews’ practice and returns to work for Donald Blake.

Journey into Mystery #106 (1964)

Donald Blake pretends to betray Thor to the villain Mr. Hyde, a move which enrages Jane. The nurse angrily tells Dr. Blake that she can’t believe she once loved him. This is the closest Jane has ever come to confessing her feelings to Donald.

Journey into Mystery #107 (1964)

Jane pleads with Thor to forgive Donald Blake for his earlier betrayal, still unaware that they are the same person. Jane confesses to Thor that she’s still in love with Donald. The news raises Thor’s spirits, and he flies through the city repeating “she loves me.”

Journey into Mystery #109 (1964)

By now Donald Blake and Jane Foster appear to be in a romantic relationship. The two discuss dinner date plans, and the issue ends with the couple affectionately flirting with one other.

Journey into Mystery #113 (1964)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Donald Blake tells Jane Foster that he is secretly the mighty Thor, but she doesn’t believe him. Jane believes that Don has been overworked and that it’s caused his mind to snap. Odin temporarily takes Thor’s powers away as punishment for the confession. As a result, Don is unable to prove his claim to Jane. Thor’s powers eventually return, but by then he has decided not to push the issue with Jane.

Journey into Mystery #124 (1965)

Jane and Don’s romance reaches a breaking point. Frustrated by all of Don’s secrets and absences, Jane tells Don she never wants to see him again. Don decides to prove his love by telling her the truth. Dr. Donald Blake transforms into Thor, revealing his secret to Jane at last. This move saves their relationship, but enrages Thor’s father Odin.

Thor #129 (1966)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Thor and Jane officially become engaged. The couple decide to marry whether Odin permits it or not, even if it means Thor must give up his godhood.

Thor #131 (1966)

Odin tells Thor that he’ll permit his union with Jane Foster, which means he’ll no longer have to choose between love and godhood.

Thor #136 (1966)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Thor takes Jane to Asgard for their upcoming wedding. The nurse quickly finds herself overwhelmed with all sights, sounds, and power. Odin turns Jane into a goddess, but she is unable to mentally comprehend her new powers. As a final trial, Jane is forced to face a monster called the Unknown, but the experience is too much for her. She begs to leave Asgard, which was Odin’s plan all along. Jane is sent to Earth with no memory of her time with Thor. She finds herself at the office of Dr. Keith Kincaid, a physician who bears a striking resemblance to Donald Blake. Jane instantly finds herself attracted to her new employer. Thor is heartbroken, but Odin arranges a reunion between his son and the goddess warrior Sif. Thor’s affection for Sif helps ease the pain in his heart.

Thor #146 (1967)

While performing at a circus, Thor spots Jane Foster and Keith Kincaid in the audience. Thor is surprised to find that he’s happy that Jane has found someone else.

Thor #172 (1969)

A twisted villain named Kronin Frask kidnaps Dr. Keith Kincaid (misidentified as Dr. Jim North in this story) and Jane Foster, hoping it’ll lure Thor out to rescue them. Once the God of Thunder is captured, Frask forces Keith and Jane to perform an operation that will place Frask’s consciousness into Thor’s body. The God of Thunder overcomes and defeats Frask. Although Thor and Jane briefly reunite, she still has no memory of their time together as a couple.

Thor #231 (1974)

Jane Foster is hospitalized after a demonic entity known as Fear manipulates her into attempting suicide. Her delirium causes her to remember her previous romance with Thor, who she summons to her bedside.

Thor #236 (1975)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Sif realizes how much Thor loves Jane Foster, and resolves to save her life. The goddess undergoes a mystical ritual, which places her lifeforce into Jane’s body. Jane Foster awakes fully healed, as Sif’s body disappears.

Thor #237 (1975)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

With Jane fully healed, and possessing Sif’s lifeforce, she and Thor decide to rekindle their romance. They begin publicly dating while he’s in his Donald Blake identity. This comic also contains the first on-panel kiss between Thor and Jane.

Thor #249 (1976)

Jane accompanies Thor to Asgard, where she encounters one of Sif’s weapons. As Jane wields the weapon, she transforms into Sif. For a time Thor believes that Sif controls the body while it’s on Asgard, while Jane controls it on Earth. However, Sif later finds that she is unable to transform back into Jane.

Thor Annual #9 (1981)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Sif is briefly transformed back into Jane, who helps Thor overcome the demonic Dormammu. Jane and Thor briefly discuss the dilemma that comes with loving two women who share one body. Before the love triangle could be resolved, Jane is transformed back into Sif.

Thor #332 (1983)

Dr. Keith Kincaid tracks down Donald Blake, and accuses him of murdering the missing Jane Foster. Kincaid reveals that he and Jane had been engaged prior to her suicide attempt. Using private detectives, Kincaid learned that Foster had last been seen with Dr. Blake before disappearing. Since Jane Foster is currently trapped somewhere within Sif’s body, Don is unable to produce anything to prove his innocence.

Thor #335 (1983)

Thor and Sif discover that Jane is trapped within a magical artifact known as the Runestaff. Dr. Kincaid joins the duo for a rescue mission. Jane is rescued, and decides to remain with Dr. Kincaid instead of resuming her romance with Thor.

Thor #336 (1983)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Showing that there are no hard feelings, Donald Blake and Sif attend Jane Foster and Keith Kincaid’s wedding.

Thor #372 (1986)

A villain known as Zaniac murders Jane Foster, who is now pregnant with Dr. Kincaid’s child. Thor uses time-travel to go back and prevent Jane’s murder.

Thor #394 (1988)

A screenwriter interviews Jane about her relationship with Thor. Jane and Keith are now the parents of a young baby boy.

Thor #475 (1994)

A villain named Man-Beast kidnaps Jane and her son Jimmy. Thor rescues her, and meets Jimmy for the first time. Jane informs Thor that she and Keith have separated. Thor and Jane are thrown for a loop when they meet a man who claims to be the real Donald Blake. For a time it is believed that he was placed in suspended animation while Thor unknowingly took over his identity. This version of Donald Blake harbors strong romantic feelings for Jane.

Thor #480 (1994)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Thor and Jane realize that with Keith and Sif out of the picture, there are no longer any obstacles keeping them apart. The former lovers linger on this thought and almost kiss, but an interruption spoils the moment.

Thor #482 (1994)

Jane and the mysterious new Donald Blake grow closer and share a passionate kiss. He is later revealed to be a mystical construct created by the goddess Sigyn. The Blake construct fades out of existence.

Thor #502 (1996)

Thor and Jane work together to help treat those injured during the villain Onslaught’s attack. Treating patients reminds the duo of their early years together, causing them to become sentimental. Things almost get romantic, but the moment passes before any sparks of passion could be ignited.

Thor #1 (1998)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Thor runs into Jane at a New York City hospital. Jane reveals that she has continued her medical education and is now a practicing doctor.

Thor #5 (1998)

Thor has now merged with a mortal paramedic named Jake Olsen. This new identity puts him in close contact with Dr. Jane Foster, who works at the same hospital as Olsen. Thor is disheartened to learn that Jane and Keith have reconciled. He considers telling Jane the truth about his new identity, but decides against it. Despite this, Jane begins to suspect the truth when she witnesses Jake perform a medical procedure outside of his regular skillset.

Thor #12 (1999)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Jane confronts Jake and tells him that she knows he’s secretly Thor. Jane encourages Jake to come clean with his fiancée Hannah Fairmont, believing it’s unfair that she doesn’t know the truth.

Thor #8 (2008)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

Thor searches for Sif, who is trapped in a mortal body somewhere on Earth. He checks in with Dr. Jane Foster, since she and Sif had merged in the past. Jane reveals that she and Keith are now divorced, and he won full custody of Jimmy. Jane says her complicated feelings for Thor ultimately ended her marriage. Jane becomes enraged when she realizes Thor came looking for Sif, instead of a genuine interest to catch-up.

Thor #11 (2008)

Feeling guilty over the way their last conversation went, Don takes Jane out on a proper date. The couple enjoy a fancy dinner and a pleasant stroll through New York City. Before departing, Don notes that they need to do this again soon, as too much has been left unsaid between them. Although they enjoyed their time together, the date doesn’t lead to a rekindling of their romance.

Marvel Digital Holiday Special #2 (2010)

Thor and Jane spend Christmas together. Although the script doesn’t point it out, one can surmise that Jane’s ex-husband Keith didn’t let her visit their son Jimmy for the holidays. Perhaps Thor spent Christmas with Jane to help take her mind off of her custody battle.

Thor: God of Thunder #12 (2013)

Thor catches up with Jane and is horrified to learn she has breast cancer. Jane turns down all offers to heal her ailment with magic, stating that it always comes with a price. Thor and Jane enjoy a quiet moment together on the moon, as the God of Thunder takes in this news. Thor’s presence makes Jane’s new boyfriend Walter uncomfortable.

Thor: God of Thunder #24 (2014)

Thor nominates Jane to represent Earth in the newly formed Congress of Worlds. Jane reveals that she and Walter have broken up.

Thor #1 (2014)

Thor finds that he is no longer worthy of lifting his hammer Mjolnir. The hammer lies motionless on the moon, until an unseen female (later revealed to be Jane) lifts it up, transforming herself into Thor.

Thor #4 (2015)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

The original Thor (now calling himself Odinson) confronts his successor and demands she return Mjolnir to him. The new Thor proves herself worthy in battle, and Odinson concedes she is worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Thor gives Odinson a passionate kiss before departing.

Thor #6 (2015)

Odinson visits Jane after her health takes a turn for the worst. Odinson had briefly suspected that Jane might be the new Thor, but dismissed the idea after seeing her weakened state.

Thor #8 (2015)

Odinson accuses Thor of secretly being S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Roz Solomon. Their conversation is interrupted by Roz, leaving Odinson confused. Thor departs without revealing her true identity. When she returns to Asgard, readers learn that she is secretly Dr. Jane Foster. It seems that Jane’s transformations have exacerbated her illness, leaving her mortal-form weakened.

Mighty Thor #20 (2017)

Jane reveals her identity to Odinson, who doesn’t take the news well. Odinson is furious that Jane had deceived him, and is horrified to learn that the transformations are causing her cancer to grow.

Mighty Thor #704 (2018)

While undergoing chemotherapy, Jane recalls traumas from her past. A flashback reveals that Keith Kincaid and Jimmy had perished in a car crash a few years ago. Thor tries to comfort Jane, but she blames the God of Thunder for not being there to save her family.

Mighty Thor #705 (2018)

Thor and Jane Foster
Image credit: Marvel Comics

After numerous transformations into Thor, Jane’s mortal-form is now too weak to survive. Despite this, Thor destroys Mjolnir in order to save Asgard from the villain Mangog. The destruction of Mjolnir transforms Thor back into Jane. As she begins to turn back into a mortal, Thor and Odinson share a passionate kiss before she dies.

Mighty Thor #706 (2018)

Odinson and Odin combine their powers to bring Jane back from death. With Mjolnir gone, Jane resolves to concentrate on her chemotherapy treatments. Jane gives Odinson a broken piece of Mjolnir, and encourages him to reclaim the name Thor.

War of the Realms Omega (2019)

Jane Foster now has a clean bill of health and has returned to work as a practicing physician. Thor visits Jane as she examines the bodies of the fallen Valkyrie warriors. As Jane and Thor grieve for the fallen soldiers, the spirit of the Valkyrie Brunnhilde appears. Brunnhilde enchants Dr. Foster, turning her into a Valkyrie warrior.

Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #1 (2022)

The beginning of a new limited series that will showcase the former lovers fighting side by side. When Thor goes missing, Mjolnir seeks out Jane for help. Powering up as Valkyrie, Jane takes Mjolnir and goes searching for her missing ex-boyfriend.

Thor and Jane in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Image credit: Marvel Studios

Thor (2011)

Dr. Jane Foster is a scientist who meets Thor after he’s banished to Earth. She is initially skeptical of his origins, but the arrival of more Asgardians confirms his story. Jane and Thor grow close and eventually share a passionate kiss. Unfortunately Thor becomes stranded in Asgard after a showdown with his brother Loki. The first film ends with him searching for a way to return to Earth so he could reunite with Jane.

The Avengers (2012)

Thor returns to Earth to battle Loki and the alien Chitauri army. S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson informs Thor that Jane has been moved to Norway as a precaution. Coulson had pulled some strings to get Foster a private consulting assignment. Thor is relieved to learn that Jane is safe.

Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Jane finds herself infused with a power energy source known as the Aether. Thor reunites with Jane on Earth, and she is initially angry that he hadn’t reached out to her during the Chitauri conflict. After talking things out, Thor takes Jane back to Asgard so they can find a way to remove the Aether from her. Once the Aether is removed, and a conflict with the Dark Elves has been resolved, Jane is returned to Earth. Thor follows her and the couple rekindle their romance.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

The Avengers throw a victory party after successfully taking down a Hydra base. During the party, Thor and Tony Stark get a little competitive as they brag about their girlfriends. According to Thor, Jane was unable to make the party due to work.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

It is revealed that Thor and Jane broke up sometime after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. When a fangirl tells Thor she’s sorry that Jane dumped him, he sheepishly replies that it was a mutual breakup.

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Thor and Rocket Racoon time-travel back to the events of Thor: The Dark World in order to recover the Aether. Thor is still distraught over his failed relationship with Jane, and can’t bring himself to face her 2013-counterpart. Thor ducks out, leaving Rocket to recover the Aether from Jane.

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

Thor: Love and Thunder
Image credit: Marvel Studios

This one's a whirlwind, with flashbacks to Thor and Jane's romance, the break-up, and all the way into the present day. Thor returns to Earth after some time away, and finds his destroyed Mjolnir has reformed in the hands of a new, mighty Thor: Jane Foster. After some awkward moments, Thor and mighty Thor are reminded why they loved each other so much and find new romance amidst the tragedy of Gorr the God-Butcher's onslaught. To say any more would be spoilers, for now at least.

Happily ever after?

For a couple who has been together for 60 years, Jane and Thor still know how to keep things exciting. Through the years their relationship has faced some strange obstacles, but their bond remains strong. Although their comic book counterparts are no longer lovers, there is no denying that there is still a spark between them. Who knows what the future will hold? After all, when you’re the God of Thunder, sometimes a spark is all you need…

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