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Todd McFarlane on the problem with still being relevant

"You don’t let people stay on the stage until they’re sixty or seventy!"

Todd McFarlane
Image credit: Image Comics

You don’t so much have an interview with Todd McFarlane as you end up having a Todd McFarlane experience. One of comics greatest rebels, co-founder of Image Comics, and creator of countless comic book favorites, McFarlane is never at a loss for words when it comes to talking about the industry — and Popverse found ourselves in the perfect position to talk to him about all of that rolled up into one conversation.

Is that rebellious kid still in there? Are the other rebellious kids still around? What does literally any of that mean? Well let me tell you, the Todd was more than happy to tell me during our brief chat at San Diego Comic-Con.

Popverse: Let me tell you — you are a hard man to get in a room alone.

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