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Todd McFarlane created a universe of Spawn variants. Now he’s murdering them all, as babies.

“It’s baby on baby violence”: Todd McFarlane announces Spawn Kills Every Spawn.

Spawn Kills Every Spawn
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In 2016 Spawn killed everyone. In 2018 he killed everyone again. Now Spawn is turning his murderous rage to his multiversal counterparts. During a spotlight panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane announced the third chapter of his Spawn Kills series.

“Our new book is Spawn Kills Every Spawn,” McFarlane said. “Because now I’ve got a Spawn Universe. It’s like, I finally got rid of all those DC and Marvel heroes. Well…parody of DC and Marvel heroes, for the lawyers. So now he thinks he’s the bigshot. It starts at a convention, and he’s signing. Nobody is in the line, and he has to keep lowering his price for signatures.”

As McFarlane indicated, he’s expanded the Spawn Universe in the past few years. Now there is an entire multiverse of Spawn variants, including Gunslinger Spawn, Medieval Spawn, and many others. There was even a Spawn Universe comic dedicated to expanding the lineup. After all this time building up the ranks, McFarlane is excited to wipe them all out. If you’ve read Spawn Kills Everyone, then you know that this version of Spawn is Chibi sized. Don’t worry, McFarlane has a plan for how to make it a fair fight.

“This series is about him going against Gunslinger Spawn, and all the Spawns. He’s wiping them out. Some of them are big, so he has to turn them into babies, and then he kills him. I’m going to be fair, I’m bringing them down to my size and then kill them. It’s baby on baby violence. I know it’s a niche. It’s fun as hell. It’s got a goofy Mad Magazine Skottie Young feel. If you like that it will be right up your alley.”

Spawn Kills Every Spawn is written by John Layman and illustrated by Bob Duenas. A release date has not been announced yet.

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