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Top 7 Robins from DC Comics, ranked

Ranking all the Robins of the Batman family from worst to best

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Batman and Robin may be an iconic duo, but there have been so many heroes to bear the mantle of "Robin" that it can be hard to keep them straight! DC Comics and Webtoons have a new volume of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures releasing this year which highlights many of the Robins including: Jason Todd, Duke Thomas, Damian Wayne and more! Fans of the Dark Knight's supporting cast are about to be in heaven.

Popverse's Ashley Victoria Robinson's favourite comic book character is Robin, so not only is she as excited as you are for the beloved sidekicks to step back into the spotlight, but if you are newer to the Batman Family she is ready to break down the Top seven Robins for you with names, legacies, and key story points, while putting them in order from Least to Most Impactful in a new video!

Watch as she dives into 80+ years of DC Comics history about the most recognizable legacy character of all time! Are you team Damian Wayne or Stephanie Brown? With so many diverse personalities under the mantle of Robin there is a beloved incarnation for everyone and every type of comic book reader - from casual reader to ... whatever Ashley is! Where will your preferred Robin land? Share your personal Robin Ranking with us in the comments of this post!

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Batman: The Wayne Family volume 3 will be available on March 5th, 2024. The Webtoon is written by CRC Payne with art by StarBite.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures' CRC Payne and Red Hood: Outlaw's Patrick Young on writing DC through slice of life

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