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Totally Killer took inspiration from your favorite 80s heart-throbs to scare your pants off, according to director

Plus a little Johnny Bravo for good measure.

People dressed up as the Sweet 16 Killer in Totally Killer
Image credit: Prime Video

Jason has his iconic hockey mask. Michael Myers has his refurbished William Shatner mask. Ghostface has his screaming white mask. Now, Totally Killer, the new time-traveling slasher movie streaming on Amazon Prime, has its own iconic mask to add to the mix. Fans who have watched Totally Killer might have found the villain’s mask unsettlingly familiar. That was the intention behind its design, according to director Nahnatchka Khan, who took inspiration from some familiar faces to help create the killer’s unique visage.

Turns out, she took some of our 80s crushes and turned them into the last beautiful thing the killer’s victims saw. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Khan explained the origins of Totally Killer’s unique look. She said that during the design stages of the film, the team “landed on the idea of a handsome man being terrifying,” so makeup designer Tony Gardner went to the killer’s original era for inspiration.

They took some of the most famously beautiful faces the '80s had to offer, including Kiefer Sutherland, Rob Lowe, and Dolph Lundgren. After that, they threw a touch of cartoon icon Johnny Bravo into the mix – we’re guessing mostly in the hair region – exaggerating the proportions and making the teeth bigger to create the unsettling image you see in the film.

The goal was to make “the last thing you see this beautiful smile as you’re being killed” which, considering how well the film is doing after its release, is striking a chord with audiences this Halloween season.

Totally Killer stars Kiernan Shipka as Jaime, who is transported back to the 1980s when the same masked man who killed three of her mother's friends reappears for the first time in more than 30 years. Julie Bowen and Olivia Holt portray the present and past versions of Julia's mother.

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