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Watch Trash Taste's CDawgVA and The Anime Man give their best smolder, race in gaming chairs, more

Big spoon or little spoon? Trash Taste's Connor and Joey share their thoughts and more at their MCM London Comic Con panel

CDawgVA and The Anime Man at MCM London Comic Con in May 2022
Image credit: Popverse

The boys of Trash Taste have been on the road these last few months, and one of their first stops was to chat with fans at their MCM London Comic Con panel in May 2022.

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Hosted by CJtheGeek, the 2022 MCM London Comic Con panel featured 2/3rds of the Trash Taste lads: CDawgVA (Connor) and The Anime Man (Joey). Connor and Joey spoke about the weirdest signings they’ve experienced AND weirdest things they’ve filmed, showed off their best smolders, how their experience in Japan has been so far, and all of this AFTER the two participated in a race.

Want to know who came in victorious? You can check out the full panel below. Sometimes the conversation leads into adult matters, including talk about drugs, so be aware.

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