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Homelander vs. Superman - who wins? The Boys cast answer one of fans' most persistent questions

The Boys cast explains why Superman doesn’t stand a chance against Homelander

Homelander in The Boys
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The great thing about convention panels is the fan questions. Let’s face it, that’s where the real interesting questions get asked. Let the red carpet interviewers ask superhero actors about their skincare routine, while the con guests get to the heart of the stuff we really want to know. For example, can Homelander beat Superman? Admit it, if you ever watched The Boys, you probably pondered this at one point or another.

Thanks to a guest at Florida Supercon, we finally have an answer. While appearing on a panel, the cast of The Boys were asked about this hypothetical slugfest. “Which Superman,” Laz Alonso asked, proving he knows not all Supermen are created equal. “Now it’s a debate! Because we’ve got one Homelander, and we know what he can do,” Jessie T. Usher chimed in.

The panel settled on Brandon Routh, which is a fine choice for Superman. With the challenger settled, it was time to ponder the fight itself. “We have yet to really see what Homelander can do. The show has really dug deep into who he is as a person, but we have only scratched the surface as far as really showing how demented and powerful this character is. I would put my money on Homelander,” Alonso concluded.

“I would put my money on Homelander too. We really don’t know what he’s capable of. Superman is dope, Superman is strong, but Homelander is twisted, and he’s not going to play fair,”” Usher added.

“That’s what I think too. They’re both powerful, don’t get me wrong,” Karen Fukuhara said. “Plus if we don’t say Homelander, we have to deal with Antony [Starr] when we get back to set,” Usher replied.

And so it’s settled, Homelander would crush Superman. But that raises another question, how can Homelander be defeated? Alonso had done the homework, and he had an interesting answer. He recalled a scene from season 2 where Homelander had been buried in some debris.

“Kenji brings down the street, and it falls on Homelander. For a second, Homelander didn’t come out. You guys know why he didn’t come out immediately? Because some of that metal was made out of Zinc. Homelander has a weakness. It won’t kill him, but it makes him feel sick and weak temporarily. So, I would cast bullets out of zinc and shoot Homelander with the Zinc bullets,” Alonso said.

This surprised the rest of the panel, who weren’t aware of Homelander’s Zinc weakness. Although the information is online, it hasn’t really been alluded to in the series itself.

The Boys season 4 debuts June 13.

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