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Doctor Who: The Doctors Peter Davison, Paul McGann, and Colin Baker pick their favorite Doctors (and can't choose themselves!)

Regeneration Appreciation: Doctor Who actors share their favorite Time Lords

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Everyone has a favorite. Since Doctor Who’s premiere in 1963, 19 actors have had the honor of playing the titular Doctor. The Time Lord takes reinvention to a whole new level, and each of his incarnations has a special place in our Whovian hearts. But which Doctor is your favorite?

Even the Doctors themselves have favorites. Whether they admit it or not, past actors in the franchise prefer one Time Lord or another. We couldn’t poll every single Doctor, but thanks to MCM Comic Con, we can tell you who the fifth, sixth, and eighth Doctors choose. During a 2022 reunion panel, a fan put Peter Davison, Paul McGann, and Colin Baker in the hot seat by asking who their favorite Doctor was.

(They weren’t allowed to pick themselves)

“I’ve always said that for me it was Patrick Troughton,” Davison began. “He was the first regeneration, and if he hadn’t pulled it off so brilliantly, we wouldn’t be sitting here now. I just thought it was a wonderful portrayal.”

“Bill Hartnell,” McGann revealed. “He was the first, and when I was a kid that was the one. I think a lot of us would say that. It’s often the first one, isn’t it? The one that gets you into it.”

Colin Baker had his own criteria. “It depends on how you’re judging it. I’ve always said Pat Troughton too, because if that first regeneration hadn’t been as masterful as it was, we wouldn’t be here. But if you judge on the other criteria, like attraction, then it has to be Jodie (Whittaker), because she’s the only one I’ve actually fancied,” Baker said.

Another fan decided to keep the conversation going by asking if they preferred David Tennant or Peter Capaldi. “I can only have one answer to that, even if it was not true. It would have to be David Tennant,” Davison said. “Peter Capaldi, don’t get me wrong, is a brilliant actor. I thought he did a fantastic job. But if you ask me to choose, I’m afraid I’d have to say David Tennant.”

“Capaldi,” McGann quickly said.

If you were hoping Colin Baker would break the tie, then you’re out of luck. Baker was still stuck on his previous choice. “Jodie,” he enthusiastically answered. That doesn’t really answer the question, but I know better than to correct the Sixth Doctor. Then again, when you’re picking you’re favorite Doctor, is there such a thing as a wrong answer?

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