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The Jujutsu Kaisen cast tell us their favorite scenes

Adam McArthur, Kaiji Tang, and Kayleigh McKee pick their favorite Jujutsu Kaisen moments.

Image showing characters from the popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen posing in an episode of season 2.
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What’s your favorite Jujutsu Kaisen moment? The fan favorite anime has many epic moments, from Nanami and Yuji’s tag-team attack against Mahito, to Gojo destroying Miguel’s Black Rope. Everyone enjoys reliving their favorite Jujutsu Kaisen memories, including the voice actors.

Adam McArthur, Kaiji Tang, and Kayleigh McKee shared their favorite moments during a MCM Comic Con 2023 spotlight panel. The Juju Strolls that we did in season one,” Tang said. “Those really made me laugh. The ones where we stopped Megumi from talking to a girl.”

The mention of this moment caused McArthur to begin reenacting the scene. “Formation B,” he yelled with amusement. “It was so funny,” Tang continued. “It was stupid funny. I laughed for ten minutes when we recorded it.”

“Mine was in the classroom with Maki when it was the calm before the storm,” McKee recalled. “They were actually just smiling and kind of laughing with each other. I thought that was so beautiful for Yuta to actually get to that point where he could do that. And it was just nice. It was a nice little conversation rather than just everything is sad and depressing all the time. At the same time in that conversation Yuta was like, ‘I’ll kill your family if you want.’”

“We need more filler arcs,” Tang mused.

McArthur picked a scene that had a bit more action. “I really liked at the end of season one where we had the Yuji Itadori fight with the brothers, Ezo and Kechizu. It really set the tone for launching us into what we have now for season 2, and there’s some really good moments in there.”

Did the cast pick any of your favorite moments? What’s your favorite JJK scene? Sound off in the comment section.

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