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Daddy’s Home: The Jujutsu Kaisen cast react to the infamous Usher/Gojo TikToks

What does the Jujutsu Kaisen group chat look like? Lots and lots of Usher memes.

Image credit: Crunchyroll

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How did Jujutsu Kaisen become linked with the rapper Usher? The unlikely pairing has dominated TikTok, where thousands of people put images of Satoru Gojo over the Usher song ‘Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home).’ Somewhere along the line, JJK fans decided that was Gojo’s theme song. This led to JJK fans petitioning Usher to perform the song at the Super Bowl.

The JJK voice actors spoke about the internet phenomenon during a MCM Comic Con spotlight panel. “The amount of times I’ve been sent that Daddy’s Home TikTok,” Kaiji Tang said with amazement.

“The fact that I’m now commenting on Usher’s TikTok,” Adam McArthur said with amusement. “Yo Super Bowl, you gonna do the Daddy’s Home song for Gojo?”

“I wonder if Usher looks at those comments, and it’s just all about Gojo and he’s like who is Gojo,” Tang said.

McArthur revealed that the JJK voice actors have their own group chat, and it’s filled with some of their favorite memes. “People are wild. The whole left-right-goodnight thing for Yuji has been really fun. Our JJK group chat goes pretty ham. It goes pretty ham on leak night for the manga, and it goes pretty ham on the TikTok memes.”

Even Usher has gotten caught up (no pun intended) in the memes. The rapper recently cosplayed as Gojo in a TikTok video. It goes to show you that memes and social media can bring everyone together.

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