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One Piece season 2 cast: Who is making the trip to the Grand Line with Netflix's Straw Hat crew

Adventure and terrifying CGI reindeer await!

Live Action One Piece Luffy
Image credit: Netflix

Few adventures are more grand than the crew of the Merry Go as they sail across the Grand Line, so we’re eager to see how the second season of Netflix’s One Piece is shaping up. Despite some special effects that bordered on the terrifying, we were all pleasantly surprised with how well the One Piece cast leaped from anime to live-action. With season two back in production, there are even more faces coming to the One Piece cast the next time we see them.

In July 2024, Netflix confirmed that season two of One Piece was officially in production following a slew of casting announcements. While we already knew that the five members of the Straw Hats would be back for season two, Netflix has also added several important characters for the next several arcs of One Piece, including figures in the infamous Baroque Works organization.

The currently announced One Piece season two cast is:

  • Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy
  • Mackenyu as Zoro
  • Emily Rudd as Nami
  • Jacob Romero as Usopp
  • Taz Skylar as Sanji
  • Ilia Isorelys Paulino as Alvida
  • Jeff Ward as Buggy
  • Michael Dorman as Gold Roger
  • Brendan Sean Murray as Brogy
  • Callum Kerr as Captain Smoker
  • Camrus Johnson as Mr. 5
  • Clive Russel as Crocus
  • Daniel Lasker as Mr. 9
  • David Dastmalchian as Mr. 3
  • Jazzara Jaslyn as Miss Valentine
  • Julia Rehwald as Tashigi
  • Rob Colletti as Wapol
  • Ty Keogh as Dalton
  • Werner Coester as Dorry

Fans of the One Piece anime and manga will note that these characters will take Netflix’s show at least through the Drum Island arc in season two, which very much opens the door to see Jamie Lee Curtis join the cast as Dr. Kureha like we’re all hoping she will. It also means we’ll be getting to see more body horror in action as Tony Tony Chopper unveils his multiple animal-human hybrid forms.

THE ONE PIECE IS REAL...ly important to Popverse! That's why we've put together guides to help you watch through all the One Piece episodes out there, pick out the differences between the One Piece manga and live-action show, and even understand Monkey D. Luffy's Gear 5 form.

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