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The iconic children's show Sesame Street is debuting a new comic book artist character (and he already has his first fan)

First Jim Lee appeared on Sesame Street, now this!

Sesame Street
Image credit: Zach Hyman (Sesame Workshop)

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Comics are the synthesis of words and art to tell a story, and can be part of an amazing, well-rounded life for anyone... and in this week's episode of iconic children's TV series Sesame Street, comic art, and the artists who make them, are taking focus.

In the May 16 episode of Sesame Street, actor/comedian Eugene Cordero will make his debut as the character of a comic book artist named Bobby Manalo. Cordero is no stranger to the crossover between comics and TV, as he played one of the TVA hunters in Marvel Studios' Loki on Disney+. (You may also recognize his voice from Star Trek: Lower Decks, where he plays Rutherford.)

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Cordero (as Bobby Manalo) debuts when one of the show's newest major Muppets, TJ, gets ready to meet the comic book artist - his favorite of all time. To prepare for first meeting his hero (and to welcome him onto Sesame Street), TJ makes him a comic book, with help from his friend, Tamir. Along the way, Tamir learns various words and phrases in Taglog, like 'Hello' and 'Thank you,' to say to Manalo whose family is Filipino.

We have an exclusive clip from the episode, which you can watch here:

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Arguably America's most popular modern comic artist, Jim Lee, appeared as himself on a November 2021 episode of Sesame Street. Now, Sesame Street just needs a comic book store.

This Sesame Street episode, titled 'Tamir Learns Tagalog,' debuts May 16 on Max.

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