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Where do we know Star Wars: The Acolyte's Amandla Stenberg from?

The actress was a key part of one of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

Amandla Stenberg as Mae in The Acolyte
Image credit: Lucasfilm

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Sometimes you look at an actor and know you’ve seen them somewhere before but, for whatever reason, exactly where seems to escape you. That is how lots of people are feeling about Amandla Stenberg, who is set to play twins Mae and Osha in The Acolyte on Disney+. Even if her name isn’t immediately familiar to you, chances are you’ll recognize her from her breakthrough role in The Hunger Games.

If you’re currently running through everyone in The Hunger Games to try to remember who Amandla Stenberg played, remember that she was a lot younger at the time. Back in 2012, Stenberg played Rue, whose death became a catalyzing moment for Katniss. Her performance earned Stenberg plenty of praise and was soon followed by several other roles.

After her Hunger Games performance, Amandla Stenberg played Macey Irving in Sleepy Hollow and Halle Foster in Mr. Robinson. However, her two roles with the largest profile have been Alana Beck in the film version of Dear Evan Hanson and voicing Margo Kess, aka Spider-Byte in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse.

The Acolyte represents Stenberg’s first foray into the Star Wars universe and the double nature of her role gives us the impression that this is an actor looking to test their abilities and take on new challenges. If she can pull it off this could be the start of a whole new era of Amandla Stenberg’s career. We won’t have to wait long to see her in action as Mae and Osha as the first episode of The Acolyte debuts in June 2024.

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