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Yes, Jason Sudeikis is as big of a Sex and the City fan as his Ted Lasso character is

Jason Sudeikis reveals that he admires Carrie Bradshaw in a panel promoting Ted Lasso season 3.

Ted Lasso
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Ted Lasso’s Jason Sudeikis has been praised for the show supportive female relationships, a dynamic he attributes to his love of Sex and the City. The star of Apple TV+’s comedy show about an American football coach leading an English soccer team did not hesitate to share his praise for Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic series. When asked in disbelief if he was a Sex and the City fan during a panel presented by Variety, Sudeikis gave an enthusiastic affirmation.

“Hell yes [I am]!” Sudeikis began, “SJP man, Carrie Bradshaw, what a mess! I love that… for a show that became known for its fashion iconography, that they rewore items. I think that’s great. Go shopping in your closet!” Sudeikis then revealed that the first year he was a writer on Saturday Night Live, he “bawled [his] eyes out” during the finale of Sex and the City.

Sudeikis’s love of Carrie Bradshaw’s messiness certainly parallels the messiness of his own character on Ted Lasso. The show has been praised for its commitment to capturing both the tragic and comedic elements of life for its characters. In addition, Sudeikis mentioned that he never really understood an impulse to write female characters as anything but supportive for each other, citing several strong female creative duos he knew in his own life.

Clearly, between Carrie Bradshaw and Ted Lasso, there is something about both characters’ commitment to emotional honesty that resonates with audiences. While it seems like Sex and the City wouldn’t have anything in common with Sudeikis’s sports comedy show on the surface, it’s heartening to see that Sarah Jessica Parker’s show had a deeper influence on Ted Lasso.

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