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Will your favorite Star Wars character be on The Acolyte? Here's who is alive during the High Republic

We can't guarantee that these characters will make an appearance, just that they COULD

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The Acolyte is here, but we've already got the scoop on the next Star Wars movies, TV shows, and cartoons - including the highly-anticipated (and highly mysterious) Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. And in case you need a refresher on the High Republic, the possibility of Yoda showing up in The Acolyte, or even the entire Star Wars timeline, we've got those too. Amd tell us your favorite Star Wars show here!

The surprises just keep coming for watchers of The Acolyte. As of this writing, we're about half-way through the series, but there's still so much left to be revealed about the end of the classic High Republic era of the Star Wars Universe. And of those questions left to be answered, one of the most googled is: "Which Star Wars characters will be in The Acolyte?"

We're talking about pre-established characters, obviously (if any character appears in a Star Wars show, they're a Star Wars character), and the question is a tantalizing one. Up until now, The Acolyte made rare usage of any pre-existing or "legacy" characters, so fans are naturally curious whether they'll change course. That's why we've combed the archives of Star Wars lore to discover which established Star Wars characters were alive during The Acolyte.

A couple quick clarifications before we begin - the purpose of this list is only to explore which Star wars characters could possibly show up in the series. This is not us speculating that they might appear in the series, and it is certainly not us breaking some spoilery news that they will appear.

And the other point before we get started: you're going to see the term "BBY" used a couple times here. that's the abbreviation for "Before the Battle of Yavin" and is a way to mark time in the Star Wars universe, similiar to "BCE" or "AD" in ours. For more info, check out Popverse's guide to the Star Wars timeline.

Ready? Ok, let's dive in.


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Old enough to have once been a practical effect, Yoda is one of the most senior characters in established Star Wars canon. Specifically, his birth year is listed as 896 BBY, which means he was absolutely alive dring the events of The Acolyte, set in 132 BBY. So he absolutely could show up in the series but, who knows? Maybe your 760s are the "swinging bachelor" years of his species, and he could be busy.

We still don't know who Grogu's dad was.


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Han Solo's future best friend was born in the year 200 BBY on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk (pronounced "HHRRNGGGEEE"). We know that, before the Clone Wars, Chewbacca had already enlisted in the Wookie military, so it's conceivable that that is going on around the time of The Acolyte. Whether or not the Wookie military will feature in the show is unclear, althoough they could be around to help out their pal, Wookie Jedi Kelnacca.

It should be noted, though, that Chewbacca was confirmed to have started a family before the Clone Wars, so like Yoda, he might also have been... busy.

Jabba the Hutt

Image credit: Lucasfilm

Jabba the Hutt was born, unfortunately. And it happened in the year 600 BBY (fun fact - Jabba was the grandson of Mama and Papa the Hutt, real names a writer got paid to make up). Long before the events of The Acolyte, Jabba was not only alive but already thriving as a kingpin of galactic crime in an area of the galaxy known as the Outer Rim. So yes, Jabba could show up on The Acolyte, but only if it's a Law & Order-style episode.

Or maybe if there's a Pod Race?

Maz Kanata

Image credit: Lucasfilm

You probably thought that, because he was first on this list, Yoda would be the oldest. Well guess what, idiot? That honor goes to Maz Kanata.

Born all the way back in 973 BBY, Kanata has already lived lifetimes by the time the High Republic Era rolls around in about 500 BBY. Kanata was a Pirate Queen, a freedom fighter, a kind of Indiana Jones, and a revered leader - so although it's possible for her to appear on The Acolyte, her schedule out of everyone's on this list is perhaps the most unaccommodating.

We could also imagine that she, too, was off making babies.

MAYBE: Darth Plagueis

Image credit: Del Rey

Admittedly, this last entry is a guess. The subject of the most famous (or at least, most-memed) line in Revenge of the Sith, Darth Plagueis is a Sith lord shrouded in mystery. Though the character was definitely alive at some point in the century between The Acolyte and Phantom Menace, his exactly birth and death dates are not known. The issue only get more complicated the deeper you dive, since much of Plagueis's history is now filed under the "Star Wars Legends" banner, and may not be canon.

Still, a huge mystery in this show is the idenity of "The Master" to the titular Acolyte, and we could see Plageuis fitting that bill.

Provided, of course, he is not too busy having sex.

Not done with Star Wars yet? Dive into the films and TV shows with our Star Wars watch order, or debate on which was the best with our ranked list of the best (and worst) Star Wars movies. And since it's now upon us, follow along with Popverse's coverage of The Acolyte.

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