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The Bear season 3 release date is coming soon - here's what we know

The chefs are in the kitchen, the meal is on its way - join us as we pester the waiter

The Bear season 3 trailer screenshot
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The Bear will return.

It's a terrifying sentence for campers, but for fans of the FX-produced, Hulu-streamed series of the same name, it couldn't be more exciting. If you count yourself as one of those fans, you've been waiting for a release date for Season Three ever since the second one ended, and now, we can report a release date.

What is the release date for The Bear: Season 3?

After what feels like an excruciatingly long wait since the last update about The Bear season three, we finally have a firm release date to share. The restaurant drama will return to Hulu on June 27, 2024, so be sure to get your order in the kitchen early.Most of what we know about this season comes from an interview with FX’s chairman, John Landgraf, where he dropped plenty of info but also deftly avoided answering some of the fans’ most pressing questions.

Questions like...

How many episodes will be in The Bear: Season 3?

With eight episodes in the first season of The Bear and ten in the second, it would make sense to hope for an even longer season the third time around, but we can't confirm if that's the case either way. An official episode count didn't make it into Landgraf's comments, however, but it was later confirmed that there will be 10 episodes in The Bear season three. Landgraf did, however, drop an exciting tidbit for all our impatient fans out there.

Like season two, The Bear season three will be available to stream all at once on Hulu.

"It wasn’t lost on me," said Landgraf, "or anyone who worked on the show that it was anxiety-inducing [...] So we made a decision to drop the whole thing because it has a beautiful, uplifting ending."

Who will guest star in The Bear: Season 3?

Unfortunately, here too is a question that we don't have the answer to yet. With a mountain of guest stars in season two (Popverse's Tiffany Babb even thought it was too much), it's understandable to assume that at least a few familiar faces would be cameoing in the next chapter. If Landgraf knows whether that's true or not, he's not letting on.

"Unfortunately, I can’t [tell you]," he said. "I was surprised as you were when the Christmas episode came through the door."

If you don't know which episode he's talking about, we won't spoil it for you here. Suffice to say, though, that it is well worth watching (or rewatching) before this June. The Bear seasons one and two are streaming now on Hulu.

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