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The new Trigun anime has a name (and art!) after success of Trigun Stampede

Time for one more shootout on planet Gunsmoke.

Trigun Stampede screenshot
Image credit: Orange

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Last year saw the return of Vash the Stampede – though maybe not exactly as we remember him – to the world of anime as Trigun Stampede hit our screens. It was the first new content from Yasuhiro Nightow’s manga in 13 years and served as a hard reboot to the franchise, taking Vash, Wolfwood, and Planet Gunsmoke in a totally new direction. At Anime Expo 2024, Orange, the studio behind Trigun Stampede, confirmed that they weren’t done playing with the Humanoid Typhoon just yet.

At their Anime Expo 2024 panel, Orange said that the Trigun project they have been working on, which had been referred to as the “final phase” of the anime, will be titled Trigun Stargaze and will be set 2.5 years after Trigun Stampede. Not only that, but they revealed three new character visuals for Vash, Wolfwood, and Millions Knives as they will appear in the upcoming series. Fans will note that Trigun Stargaze looks like it will keep Vash’s traditional hairstyle while giving him a darker color palette overall.

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Trigun Stampede was a remarkably brave interpretation of the Trigun series; rather than closely adapting Nightow’s manga or sticking close to the 1998 anime, it went in an entirely different direction and did it really well. Crunchyroll has already said that they’ll be streaming Trigun Stargaze when it comes out, though Orange didn’t say when the Trigun Stampede sequel would be coming out. No matter when it comes, we’ll be excited to head back into the wastelands for one more epic shootout, especially if the fantastic Johnny Yong Bosh is back as Vash the Stampede.

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