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Yes, Ashley Greene knows Twilight's Alice Cullen was your gay awakening

Actress Ashley Greene mentioned this being a special part of her interaction with fans at this year's MCM Comic Con

Still image of Alice Cullen in Twilight
Image credit: Summit Entertainment

It may be more than a decade since the vampire romance movie Twilight hit the big screens, but that doesn't mean that the film and its sequels haven't continued to have a huge impact on its fans. In fact, just today, Twilight cast members Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, & Jackson Rathbone took the Main Stage at MCM Comic Con to chat with Popverse's very own Veronica Valencia about their careers and what it's like to be at conventions and interact with fans.

In response to a question about what it's like to attend conventions, Ashley Greene, who played Alice Cullen in the films, shared a nugget about the power of interacting with fans who have had their lives impacted by Twilight. She mentioned specifically that she "didn't realize until I started coming to these conventions that Alice was a gay awakening for a lot of people," and that she found these stories really cool. She also heard from fans that they used her character as inspiration to get through tough times, and Greene added that it was really special to know that her performance had such an impact on people's lives.

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