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Uncanny X-Men writer Gail Simone to revive classic UK horror comic Misty

Simone made the announcement during her WonderCon 2024 spotlight panel

Image credit: Shirley Bellwood/Rebellion Developments

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Gail Simone is bringing back an old classic. Announced at the Gail Simone spotlight panel at WonderCon 2024 (and reported by Popverse contributor Jules Greene), Simone will be reviving Misty, an anthology from the 70s with a spooky/creepy vibe. The 2024 special will feature a cover by Tula Lotay and will feature art from Aly Fell and more.

In its original form, Misty was a cult anthology title that ran weekly from February 1978 through January 1980. Initially intended as “a female 2000 AD” according to consulting editor Pat Mills, who helped create 2000 AD the year prior, the series was aimed directly at young girls with an interest in the horror and mystery genres. The title, heavily influence by Clint Eastwood’s 1971 movie Play Misty for Me, referred to the fictional editor and host of the series, designed by acclaimed UK comic artist Shirley Bellwood, who provided cover artwork for many issues across the series’ run.

Although the series came to an end in 1980, Rebellion’s Treasury of British Comics imprint has collected multiple strips from the anthology in collected editions across the past decade — including 2023’s Misty: 45 Years of Fear hardcover — and also published irregular Misty anthology special issues since 2017. Simone’s new title is the first full-scale revival of the Misty brand since Rebellion acquired the rights in 2016.

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