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Void Rivals: Take an exclusive look at covers for the "shocking" end to the Energon Universe's first storyarc

Popverse has the covers to November's Void Rivals #6

Void Rivals #6
Image credit: Lorenzo De Felici/Skybound

Ever since its very first issue, Skybound’s Void Rivals series has proven to be full of surprises — starting with that debut issue appearance of Jetfire, and the reveal that it was actually the first book in the Energon Universe. Since then, each issue has built out that universe even more, even as the Transformers have come to Earth and helped create the environment that will create G.I. Joe. Next month, the first story arc of Void Rivals will come to an end… and Popverse has an exclusive look at the covers to the shocking issue.

Darak and Social’s return to the Sacred Ring really hasn’t gone as planned — in large part because their knowledge that their two warring races aren’t as different as the propaganda would claim could undermine two separate societies. Now, Premier Zalilak is trying to stop the two escaping Zertonia… and he’s willing to stop at nothing to make sure he gets what he wants. Skybound is teasing “a shocking ending” to the arc, which feels like a big swing given how many unexpected moments the series has featured so far. Just how shocking can things still get…?!?

Void Rivals #6 features 5 covers, by series artist Lorenzo De Felici, Christian Ward, Ejikure, Karen S. Darboe, and Toni Infante - and we have an exclusive look at those covers for you below.

The issue will be released November 22, meaning you have just under a month to wonder just how intense the issue is going to be — and just how big the shocking ending has to be to top reveals of Jetfire, the Quintesson Judge, and Shockwave so far…

At New York Comic Con, Daniel Warren Johnson talked about that shock death in Transformers #1, upsetting fans in the process. (Much to his amusement.)

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