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Inside Clementine: Book Two by Tillie Walden and the YA continuation of The Walking Dead saga

Zombies have a hunger for fresh meat - we have a hunger for more comics by Tillie Walden

Clementine Book Two
Image credit: Tillie Walden (Image Comics/Skybound)

As the new Walking Dead original graphic novel Clementine Book One is on stands now, we have a first look at the planned sequel.

Clementine Book Two cover by Tillie Walden
Image credit: Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment/Skybound Comet

"After the games ended, we thought Clementine’s story was over. And now she’s been through so much more after book one, but it is all really just the beginning,” says Walden.

"Clementine has much further to go, more obstacles to face, and much more growing up to do. I couldn’t be more excited for this next part of her story. I feel like I’m climbing with her deeper into the depths of love, fear, and family. As usual there are few challenges that Clementine can’t face, but in facing them, what will she be like when she comes out the other side?"

In 2023's Clementine Book Two, Clementine and some new friends are rescued by a mysterious doctor named Miss Morro, who spirits the ramshackle group to a secluded island community seemingly impervious to the zombie horde.

Check out this 10-page preview of Clementine Book Two:

"We couldn’t be more proud of the work Tillie did on Clementine Book One," says Skybound senior editor Alex Antone in the announcement. "And in Book Two, Tillie takes Clementine’s story to even greater heights with a new heart-pounding and heart-wrenching adventure about finding family, embracing love, and growing up in the darkest of times."

The Clementine trilogy is the flagship title in Skybound's new young adult/middle grade line, Skybound Comet. The third book in the trilogy, Clementine Book Three, has no announced date - but at this rate, a fall 2024 release seems possible

Clementine Book Two by Tillie Walden will go on sale October 4 in comic shops, with its digital and booktrade release set for the following week, October 10.

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