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Watch the Mirka Andolfo vs. Ryan Stegman sketch duel from C2E2 2022!

Comic artists Mirka Andolfo and Ryan Stegman face off in a sketch duel at C2E2 2022. Watch along live!

C2E2 2022 panel Mirka Andolfo vs. Ryan Stegman panel
Image credit: ReedPop

The magic of comics is the talented artists who make them, and can turn imagination into real drawings that excite us. At C2E2 2022, that turned into a game as comic artists Mirka Andolfo and Ryan Stegman were pitted against each other in a sketch duel - with the artists drawing quick sketches based on audience suggestions. As you can expect, things got wild.

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Watch the Mirka Andolfo vs. Ryan Stegman sketch duel panel from C2E2 2022 now:

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