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We will probably never get a Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe animated film, and that's awful

At least we still have our fanfiction on the subject.

Superman Batman and Wonder Woman in Justice League Warworld
Image credit: Warner Bros. Animation and DC Studios

Here is something that we never knew we needed until we found out we wouldn’t get it. Mortal Kombat is no stranger to the world of animation, with several series and films of wildly varying quality popping up in the franchise over the years. However, we could have seen the likes of Lui Kang, Johnny Cage, and Goro take on the Justice League in an animated film, but the project was canceled before it could even get off the ground.

The executive team at Warner Bros., in their ongoing quest to squash any fun projects from their studios, took a look at the relentlessly cool crossover of Mortal Kombat vs DC and passed, according to a recent interview with Jeremy Adams. Adams is no stranger to both properties, having written all of the Mortal Kombat animated films as well as Batman: Soul of the Dragon and Justice League: Warworld.

He says that the pitch was made to Warner Bros. but, for reasons that escape us, they passed on the project. It wouldn’t have been the first time DC superheroes have crossed paths with the champions of Earth Realm – Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe was released in 2008 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles. Mortal Kombat characters have also appeared in both of the Injustice video games as paid DLC options.

On a logical level, we know that a Mortal Kombat vs DC animated feature would have been remarkably dumb. Trying to match the tonal divide between the two properties would have been a challenge, plus there is the issue of power-scaling anytime you have the likes of Superman or Wonder Woman involved. However, all this is countered by the fact that it would have been really, really cool.

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