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WEBTOON readers will be able to support their favorite creators in a whole new way

Meet "Super Likes"

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If you particularly like a WEBTOON episode, why not send a Super Like? That seems to be where WEBTOON is going with their new monetization launch where fans purchase Super Likes and send them to specific episodes. Creators will make money each time a Super Like is purchased and then sent to one of their series episodes.

This new program follows the controversial cancellation of the company's Creator Rewards program. While scrolling webtoons are a growing part of the comic industry, many creators are self publishing their work (in other words, creating comics on their own dime). Funding and payment have long been at the center of the conversation for the future of these comics and comics creators.

Since the cancellation of the Creator Rewards program, the other methods for WEBTOON creators to monetize have been through ad-revenue, paid content purchases, and what WEBTOON calls "an international localization program that helps Creators expand their fanbase and earning opportunities around the world." WEBTOON Canvas creators are also provided separate funding to launch their series.

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As for how WEBTOON creators will be able to sign up to be eligible to recieve Super Likes on their episodes, WEBTOON shares that the program will "initially be available to CANVAS series that meet eligibility requirements." After each series meets the requirements, the individual creators can apply to participate in this new program. As for what those eligibility requirements are, perhaps we'll get more details soon, as more information, including the launch date of the program, is set to be announced in the coming weeks.

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