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"We're gonna need a team": It's the end of the Realms as we know it in the new Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer

The classic game comes alive in the final trailer for the fantasy movie

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The quest is about to begin — which means there’s time for one last advance look at both the swords and the sorcery to come in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, with a new trailer dropping this afternoon for the much-anticipated fantasy flick based on the iconic game.

There’s no need to wait for the latest magic missive; watch right now:

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Written and directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley — you might recognize them from writing 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming — and starring Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Regé-Jean Page, Sophia Willis, and everyone’s favorite part of Paddington 2, Hugh Grant, the movie is set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting (for those who’re familiar enough with the game to know what that means). So sit back and enjoy the fantasy action, adventure, and comedy that’s on display… and try to catch a glimpse of the Critical Role cast members who reportedly make cameo appearances throughout the movie.

To describe this movie as long-awaited might be putting it mildly; Honor Among Thieves was originally meant to be released in July 2021 before COVID and other matters pushed it first to Summer 2022, and then finally March 2023. The movie is scheduled to debut March 10 at SXSW, before opening wide March 31. Buy tickets on Fandango or Atom Tickets.

You can check out an earlier trailer for the movie here, and if this makes you feel impatient for the movie, don’t worry; there’s a prequel comic book to sate your hunger temporarily.

Maybe this is all making you want to start playing Dungeons & Dragons for yourself. If so, we’ve got a guide to make that as easy as possible.

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