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What happens when a movie/tv superhero needs to use the bathroom?

The Shazamily shares their difficulties with using the bathroom in superhero costumes

Shazam! Fury of the Gods backstage photo
Image credit: David F. Sandberg (DC/New Line Cinema)

Superheroes face many challenges, from supervillains to nosey reporters. But one of their biggest challenges is something so simple, most of us take it for granted. I’m talking about going to the bathroom. Seriously, have you looked at those superhero costumes in movies and TV? At times it looked like they’re molded onto the actor. How can anyone go to the bathroom in those things?

Michael Keaton had a hard time using the bathroom during the production of the 1989 Batman film. As a result, his contract for Batman Returns stipulated that his costume would be more restroom friendly. That was decades ago, and sadly it hasn’t gotten any easier.

During a panel at Florida Supercon, the cast of Shazam! Fury of the Gods spoke about the biggest challenges they faced as superheroes. Their answer should surprise nobody. “You need a team of 7 to 12 people to go to the bathroom at all times,” Super Hero Pedro actor D.J. Cotrona recalls. “True,” Mary Marvel actress Grace Caroline Currey enthusiastically replies.

According to Cotrona, he got the hang of the bathroom ritual by the time the second Shazam film was in production. “On the first one it was hard, not the second. The second we were okay actually.”

“I did start to be able to do it on my own. And it was so exciting! It was like, I’m going to the bathroom! All on my own,” Currey says.

“Me too for the second film! I felt like a real boy,” Cotrona adds.

“Those were good scenes, I don’t know why they cut them,” Cooper Andrews jokes.

If superhero actors are getting this excited about mastering the restroom, then we know it’s time to rethink our costume choices. Studios, take note; if you want happy actors in your superhero films, please include zippers on the costumes. Your stars will thank you.

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