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What Instant Karma author Marissa Meyer notices about meeting readers

“There is a difference sort of energy at a convention centre full of people,” Meyer says

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From YA Fantasy to Romance author Marissa Meyer has captured the attention of readers the world over. From Heartless to Instant Karma she knows how to tell a story which will resonate across genres. And now she is coming to Writers Block at Emerald City Comic Con! Meyer is ready to sign books from her debut Cinder through to Renegades so you can catch up on her body of work including With A Little Luck which was published a little less than two weeks ago!

Popverse’s Ashley V. Robinson sat down with Meyer ahead of Emerald City Comic Con and in this clip, Marissa Meyer shares the types of readers she sees at conventions, what is special about the conversations they have, and why the vibe at a comic con (especially Emerald City!), is always and forever immaculate.

“There is a difference sort of energy at a convention centre full of people,” Meyer shares with Popverse about readers at conventions, “And cosplayers and people are, you know, buying artwork and they're going to panels and there is such an enormous sense of comeraderie and there's just this idea of, like: I may not be exactly into the thing that you're into, but we are already on a similar ground in that we are fans of something and we love something and we are here to just be excited about whatever that is.”

Here is our short interview clip with Marissa Meyer:

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