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Update: The most popular comics awards, the Eisners, drops Journalism (but not Memoir) as category for 2024

The Eisner Awards are now open for submissions, but there may be a couple of surprises for those waiting to submit

Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards
Image credit: Comic-Con International: San Diego

This article was updated at 2:10 PM on January 10, 2024.

Submissions for the 2024 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards are now officially open, but there is a surprise on the list. The slot for 'Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism' is not included among this year's categories for awards.

There is a slight caveat here - while the Periodical/Journalism award has been left off the submissions list, the website also considers the announced categories "tentative" and states that "The judges may add, delete, or combine categories at their discretion." These caveats are not new additions to the site, however, and it is definitely worth noting that Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism was on the submission list last year.

When reached for comment, Eisner Awards administrator Jackie Estrada directed attention to the above caveats and clarified that the Periodical/Journalism category has been combined with Comics-Related Book, writing, "For comics-related periodicals, they have been combined with the comic-related books. Online journalism sites are welcome to submit in that overall category."

The Eisner Awards are owned by Comic-Con International: San Diego, with Jackie Estrada serving as administrator for the awards since 1990. As for when comics professionals and fans can expect to hear about the officially chosen award nominees, the announcement will be made in May. Comics industry professionals will be able to vote for nominees online, and results will be announced at the Eisner Award ceremony at San Diego Comic Con on Friday July 26.

In an earlier version of this story, Popverse previously reported that Best Graphic Memoir was left off of the submissions list. It has since been clarified by Estrada that the Memoir category was, in fact, included in the announcement and left off of the Call for Entires document inadvertently.

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