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The Wish release date is coming faster than a shooting star

Disney is wishing for another Frozen-level success

Asha and Valentino in Disney's Wish
Image credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

If you’ve ever wished upon a star, you probably owe Disney a nickel. Wishes have been at the heart of the studio’s message for decades, so it isn’t surprising that The House of Mouse would create a film all about wishes for the centerpiece of their 100th birthday celebration. Wish is the next Disney film coming to theaters, with its release date rapidly approaching.

Wish was first announced in 2022 and has a scheduled release date of November 22. The movie follows 17-year-old Asha after she makes a wish on a star, which turns out to be a magical being called Star. Together, Asha and Star must go on a journey to free the collective wishes of the kingdom from King Magnifico, who has taken them all for himself.

Disney is putting some of their most prominent figures in charge of this movie in their hopes to make their 100th anniversary a success. Jennifer Lee, who was the writer and co-director of Frozen and Frozen II as well as currently serving as the chief creative officer for Walt Disney Animation Studios, is one of the writers, reuniting her with Frozen director Chris Buck.

Wish has a theatrical release date of 22 November before it lands on Disney+ at some point in 2024. The cast includes Chris Pine as King Magnifico and Ariana DeBose as Asha, along with the required appearance of Alan Tudyk as an animal – this time a talking goat named Valentino.

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