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Expect a "scarier" Wolf Pack season 2 (if it happens), according to showrunner Jeff Davis

Changes are a'coming for the young wolves of Wolf Pack

Photograph of Wolf Pack panel at Wondercon
Image credit: Popverse

Wolf Pack fans who wanted a bit more speed in the first season of mystery and labrynthian plot twists might be excited to hear that if the series is renewed, Wolf Pack will return to Paramount+ with a faster pace and even more scares.

“All I can say is that if we do have a chance to go back, I’m looking forward to writing for these kids because they’re wonderful," Wolf Pack showrunner Jeff Davis said Friday at WonderCon 2023. "I do want to say that if we do get a season 2 it will be scarier, it will probably be more fast paced.”

Davis and some of the cast of Wolf Pack are at WonderCon 2023 this weekend, and took part in a Wolf Pack panel moderated by Rotten Tomatoes Jacquline Coley.

The answer above might lead you to believe he's already teasing a Wolf Pack season 2, but Davis took pains to say that, as of yet, there is no actual confirmation or news of a season 2.

There was another interesting tidbit shared during the panel that will be of special interest for fans of Teen Wolf. In response to a fan question about getting Teen Wolf actors to make cameos in Wolf Pack, Jeff Davis says “absolutely.” He is particularly interested in getting said actors to make cameos in roles that would be “completely opposite” of their roles in Teen Wolf (Teen Wolf actors Gideon Emery and Ian Bohen both made cameos on Wolf Pack this season).

So who knows—if Wolf Pack is renewed, we may be seeing some familiar faces along with some more frights. While we wait, you can watch the full Teen Wolf / Wolf Pack panel from New York Comic Con 2022 here.

Wolf Pack season 1 is available now on Paramount+ and Amazon.

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