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X-Files creator Chris Carter talks about the future (and his future) with the franchise, as well as his fine art career

Chris Carter discusses wanting to move away from X-Files to focus on projects with his wife, Dori Pierson.

Chris Carter speaking at panel discussion
Image credit: Rebecca Oliver Kaplan

On Saturday, February 24, The X-Files creator, writer, and producer Chris Carter opened his first contemporary art exhibition in Los Angeles, California: The Chris Carter Collection. Held at Legacy West Media Gallery through March 10, the mixed media art exhibit will surely draw a diverse crowd of art enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados.

Carter initially created his mixed media artworks purely for self-expression, and they were never intended for public consumption. "I never intended to sell them," said Carter. "I only did them because they came from my head and my heart."

Instead, he's previously preferred to display a few of his favorite pieces at his office, meanwhile gifting the rest to his inner circle (As I mingled at the February 24 private preview, a woman who worked on The X-Files proudly told me she had two Carter originals in her home).

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