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Marvel's X-Men revamp plans include three X-Men groups, two spin-off groups, and 4 solo titles

From the Ashes will begin this summer with new comics X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and Exceptional X-Men

X-Men From the Ashes
Image credit: Ryan Stegman/Marvel

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The Fall of the X-Men may be over… but the X-Men remain. Marvel has announced the first three titles from X-Men: From the Ashes, the upcoming relaunch of the X-Men comic book line beginning this summer — and it’s not exactly what fans might have been expecting.

Each of the first three titles announced from the upcoming From the Ashes line is an X-Men comic, literally: all three bear the name X-Men, with three different teams utilizing the name in different parts of the world, and for different purposes. The first three series, as described by Marvel, are:

  • X-Men by Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman. “KRAKOA IS NO MORE…BUT THE X-MEN FIGHT ON!” reads Marvel’s description. “From their new base in Alaska, the X-Men raise a flag of defiance! Join CYCLOPS, BEAST, MAGNETO, PSYLOCKE, KID OMEGA, TEMPER (formerly OYA), MAGIK and JUGGERNAUT as they assemble against new forces, battling for the destiny and philosophy of the mutant species. Mutant business is their business.”
  • Uncanny X-Men by Gail Simone and David Marquez. Per Marvel: “OUTLAW HEROES ONCE AGAIN, THE X-MEN EMBARK ON A NEW MISSION! Making themselves at home in the Big Easy, the X-Men protect a world that hates and fears them! Join ROGUE, GAMBIT, NIGHTCRAWLER, JUBILEE and WOLVERINE on explosive super hero adventures. Uncanny as ever, the X-Men are back to saving the day mutant-style!”
  • Exceptional X-Men by Eve L. Ewing and Carmen Carnero. “MUTANTKIND’S TWO GREATEST TEACHERS MOLD THE NEXT GENERATION OF X-MEN!” Marvel’s description announces. “KATE PRYDE has returned home to Chicago following the war with ORCHIS. Having stepped away from the world of mutantdom, she is nevertheless called back into action as she crosses paths with a trio of new young mutants, BRONZE, AXO and MELEE, who clearly need training and guidance. Unfortunately for Kate, EMMA FROST thinks so as well!”

In a statement from Marvel, executive editor Tom Brevoort, who’s spearheaded the relaunch, explained, “The X-Men are fractured in the aftermath of the end of Krakoa, scattered across the globe without a central base of operation. What that means in practice is that all three titles carrying the name X-Men are core X-Men series — they all center around one of the major aspects of what the team has been about at different points. This is very much by design. We want to field a wide assortment of X-titles with different styles and tones and approaches, an X-Men book for virtually any taste.”

It's worth noting that, even as iconic X-Men writer Chris Claremont is saying that he thinks the X-Men name is outdated, Marvel is effectively tripling down on the brand with three new teams using the name.

The new titles were announced at SXSW 2024, but they’re far from the only series that will make up the From the Ashes line; Marvel is already promising news on “new ongoing team books, solo series, and more” in the upcoming weeks. Logos featured at the SXSW panel were for Phoenix, X-Factor, Storm, NYX, X-Force, and Wolverine. Keep your eyes on Popverse for updates on the new era for the X-Men as it breaks.

X-Men From the Ashes
Image credit: Marvel

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