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Marvel's X-Men and Uncanny X-Men comics to ship 18 issues a year each

Prepare for a double volley of X-Men comics beginning this fall from Marvel.

Image credit: Ryan Stegman (Marvel Comics)

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Marvel Comics' upcoming X-Men revamp is getting bigger - in more ways than one. While we reported on plans for three main X-Men books, two other team books, and four solo titles, we now have word that some will be more than just monthly books.

Hours after Uncanny X-Men writer Gail Simone announced at WonderCon 2024 that her series Uncanny X-Men with artist David Marquez would be aiming to ship 18 issues a year, series editor (and Marvel executive editor) Tom Brevoort said that its not along, and the adjectively X-Men series by Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman will also be aiming for 18 issues a year.

"Before the editorial switch-over, Jordan White had been planning to have the two main X-men books ship 18 issues a year, and that plan sounded wise to me, so we’ll be keeping it in place," Brevoort writes on his Substack. "X-Men and [Uncanny X-Men] will alternate in this regard, with two issues on sale every other month in rotation."

It's unclear why the third X-Men book, Exceptional X-Men, isn't included in this plan despite being framed by Marvel as just as much a major book as the other two.

This new era of the X-Men begins May 4 with the Free Comic Book Day special Blood Hunt / X-Men #1, followed by X-Men #1 on July 10, then Uncanny X-Men #1 on August 7, followed by Exceptional X-Men #1 on September 4.

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