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The X-Men's new Alaska base will be a former Sentinel factory - and debuts this week in Avengers

The X-Men relaunch begins early in Avengers #12.

X-Men #1
Image credit: Ryan Stegman (Marvel Comics)

As part of the upcoming line-wide X-Men relaunch by Marvel Comics, the X-Men will have three new bases around the United States - and one of them will make their debut in this week's Avengrs #12.

Avengers #12
Image credit: Francesco Mortarino (Marvel Comics)

In the preview to April 3's Avengers #12 by Jed McKay and Francesco Mortarino, a new base for the villainious Orchis is revealed - and it looks exactly like an X-Men branded base that has shown up in marketing for the upcoming X-Men: From the Ashes relaunch.

As you can see on the right, the base currently is descrbed as an "Orchis automated Sentinel factory complex" in Merle, Alaska.

This would appear to be the base of the X-Men team to star in Mackay and Ryan Stegman's adjectiveless X-Men book, featuring Cyclops, Beast, Magneto, Psylocke, Kid Omega, Temper, Magik, and Juggernaut. The idea of them living in a former facility used to make Sentinels is a bold move - but X-Men are known for their bold moves over the years.

Avengers #12 goes on sale April 3, with the X-Men book coming July 10.

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