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Into the psychoverse: Yanick Paquette talks The Incal and euro influences

"It's a partnership of creation with the people reading trying to figure out the story you’re telling"

Whether you’re a Wonder Woman fan, a Swamp Thing follower, or a rare but loving devotee of Batman Incorporated, Yanick Paquette is inevitably someone whose art you’ve come across and – even more inevitably – utterly been in awe of.

With a career reaching back to humble beginning in 1994, Paquette’s style and gift for world building has seen a reach far beyond any Gotham or Themyscira, where he now finds himself in the deeply psychedelic world of Jodowrowky’s The Incal, and well beyond into new prospects. Fortunately, Popverse was able to sit down with Paquette during the delightful Fan Expo San Francisco, where Paquette offered insight into his split experience between American and European comics.

Popverse: Yanick, talk to me about where you're headed, because up until now you've been working on a lot of American IP; a lot of Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing and things like that. So what's it like doing something like, say, The Incal?

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