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Netflix's 3 Body Problem season 2 release date: When will we find out if we're getting more episodes

Signs point to yes, but we're still waiting for the streamer to crunch some numbers.

3 Body Problem screenshot
Image credit: Netflix

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As has become typical in the past several years, Netflix is being very cautious about renewing one of its biggest hits. 3 Body Problem has topped the streamer’s charts for the past several weeks, but that hasn’t meant that more episodes are on their way. When will Netflix give us what we want and renew 3 Body Problem for season two?

We’re still waiting for Netflix to confirm if 3 Body Problem will get a second season, but that renewal is likely to be just around the corner. Not only has the show done solid numbers for the streamer, but there is already plenty of material ready for a second and potentially third season. That is because it is based on a trilogy of books by Lui Cixin called Remembrance of Earth’s Past. 3 Body Problem only adapted the events of the first novel, which means there are still two novels worth of metaphysical sci-fi stories to bring to life.

So if a renewal seems likely, when are we likely to hear about 3 Body Problem season two being green-lit? That will depend on how quickly Netflix crunches the numbers around the show and decides it is worth the investment. For shows like this, with large budgets and lots of buzz, they usually wait between three and six weeks after the show has debuted to announce if it will be renewed. That suggests that, if the numbers add up and they can sort out those pesky headsets, we should get confirmation from Netflix if we’ll be getting more episodes of 3 Body Problem by late April or early May 2024, though that is pure speculation on our part.

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