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A 7-year old was run over by a truck, but Superman helped him through it - and now he's drawing the hero for DC

Action Comics artist Eddy Barrows shares his personal connection with DC's Superman

Action Comics #1067 variant cover
Image credit: Eddy Barrows/Danny Miki (DC)

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Superman is an aspirational hero few can surpass, and one of the character's most prolific modern artists has revealed his personal connection with DC's Man of Steel ahead of his return to the title this July

Eddy Barrows
Image credit: DC

“For me talking about Action Comics is something that goes beyond the title itself,” artist Eddy Barrows said in the announcement of his upcoming run on Action Comics with writer Gail Simone. “I remember when I was 7 years old, I was playing on the sidewalk, and suddenly I was run over by a truck, right there."

Barrows grew up in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and his tragic experience in some ways helped him find his career as a comic artist. Why? Superman.

"I spent three days fighting for my life, and during that whole year that followed, I remained in bed, doing lots of physiotherapy, lots of meds and exams. Going to the doctors was a very regular thing. And it was during that time that Superman came to my life, reading Action Comics," explained Barrows. "Kal-El became a good friend of mine, making my days better. His adventures and his behavior were things that stuck with me! Reading his stories were the highlight of my days, for a 7-year-old recovering from an accident like I was."

It was Superman comics - and those by Brazilian comic icon Maricio de Sousa - which set him on a path in comics. After breaking in in the late '90s on a WWE comic starring 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, Barrows found his way to DC where he has been working steadily ever since, including runs on Superman and Action Comics at multiple points across the past decades.

"Back then I wouldn’t have imagined that one day I would be helping to build his legacy: illustrating his stories. The stories of my all-time favorite superhero… Superman!"

Barrows' new stint on Superman's Action Comics begins July 10 with Action Comics #1067.

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