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Air: The best dad movie of the year is now available on DVD, so grab your dad a copy

If your dad never figured out how to finagle streaming, he can finally watch the Nike movie

Ben Affleck in Air
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Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, basketball, smart middle aged put upon underdogs who find a way to shine with their good ideas... If there were ever a movie perfectly calibrated to capture the attention and joy of dads, Ben Affleck's Air would be it.

Air follows Nike's marketing vice president Rob Strasser (Matt Damon) as he fights the odds to bring athletic shoe company Nike back to relevance by putting all their eggs in one basket and marketing a single player, a rookie - Michael Jordan. It's a story most people wouldn't know, though everyone knows about Air Jordans. And it's a good story too.

The movie is a lovely time, but even more than that, it hits all the beats you want it to hit. You get to root for these small corporate underdogs as they go up against the larger corporate leaders (namely Adidas) and win (that's not a spoiler - you've seen the shoes)! The performances are pretty good (and Viola Davis, as always, is great), but most importantly, your dad (or the dad-like figure in your life) will really like it.

So, if you're starting to think about Christmas presents (This is your warning that we're really only a few months out from Christmas), and if your dad never quite figured out how to stream things (Air is streaming on Prime Video, if you want to give it a go), buy him a copy of the Air DVD and tell him that it's "that Nike movie he heard about." He's sure to love it.

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