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AMC Networks to publish Persian White by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Bill Sienkiewicz in 2023

The creators' long-awaited collaboration will be published late next year, AMC Networks has announced

Persian White
Image credit: AMC Networks Publishing

Fans of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s work, rejoice: a long-awaited project from the Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly writer has found a new publisher and is set to debut next year.

AMC Networks Publishing has announced that it has added Parisian White, by DeConnick and artist Bill Sienkiewicz, to its line-up, with an eye to launch in the latter part of 2023. A preview of the series, along with two other AMC Networks Publishing comic properties, will be released for Comic-Con International at San Diego in July next year, according to AMC.

The series will be the first new comic book work from DeConnick since the November 2021 launch of DC’s Wonder Woman History: The Amazons series, and the first new original concept from the writer since 2014’s launch of Image Comics’ Bitch Planet — although the title was first teased in an interview all the way back in 2015. Sienkiewicz has even offered preview art on social media in the intervening years. (As, for that matter, has DeConnick herself.)

AMC revealed that Parisian White is set during the Jazz Age of a Paris in which everything is expressed in terms of color — with the shade Parisian White so deadly that it could kill an unsuspecting victim. But the right combination of colors can change the world…!

Earlier projects from AMC Networks Publishing have been released in partnership with both Titan Books and Image Comics. It’s unclear at time of writing just which publishing company will be taking on Persian White and the other announced AMC Networks titles. Popverse reached out to AMC for more clarity, but has received no response at time of writing.

Expect more information about Persian White, and AMC Networks Publishing’s comic book line, in coming months.

Wonder Woman Historia was one of this year’s Eisner Award winners at this summer’s Comic-Con International.

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