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Six shows to watch after American Horror Story

Finished FX's anthology series and need more horror? We've got you covered

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It's one of the most annoying things about modern TV - you wait forever for your favorite show to return, only for the season to wrap in what feels like a blink. That's certainly going to be the case when American Horror Story returns on April 3 for the second part of its season 12, called Delicate. When the final episode wraps (all too soon), AHS fans will no doubt be left wondering - what do I do now?

Well, Popverse is here to answer that exact question. So turn the lights off, pull those covers up tight, and enjoy our list of what to watch after American Horror Story.


Like their zombified host, the concept behind classic horror anthologies Creepshow and Creepshow 2 is an undying beast - American Horror Story is an example of its unnatural lifespan. But while AHS is a distinctly modern take on the horror anthology, the show that share a name with those films is purposefully retro, preserving the EC Comics aesthetic that made the movies so memorable.

You can scream and stream all of Creepshow on Shudder.

Penny Dreadful

One of the most satifying things for an American Horror Story fan is seeing how all the tales of terror tie together, like the Antichrist of season Apocalypse has roots in the haunted home of season Murder House. While it's not an anthology per se, Penny Dreadful ties together ideas that horror fans are well acquainted with, from Dracula to the Wolf Man to Frankenstein, all in a sleek and beautifully shot Victorian setting.

Turn the clocks back with Penny Dreadful on Showtime.

Night Gallery

Not as popular as its older sister The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling's second anthology series Night Gallery is nevertheless a little bit scarier. While The Twilight Zone leans heavily into Ray Bradbury-esque science fiction, Night Gallery turns its focus squarely on the kinds of horror tales that folks like Stephen King would tell.

Unfortunately, the only way to peruse these haunted halls is by purchasing the Night Gallery DVD collection.

Castle Rock

Speaking of Stephen King, AHS fans should really check out Castle Rock, a series that does not directly adapt any King work but is set in the cohesive universe in which King's books take place. Though there are sadly only two stories in the anthology show, both weave the horror titan's tales together excellently, making the show not just a great followup to AHS, but a welcome introduction for Stephen King newbies.

Visit Castle Rock, courtesy of Hulu.

Channel Zero

Anyone that's spent time on Tumblr is familiar with creepypasta, the campfire stories of the internet age. These urban legends that were born in chatrooms and Reddit threads caught the eye of the SyFy network, leading them to adapt the most memorable creepypastas into the Channel Zero anthology horror show.

Experience Channel Zero's nightmares for yourself on Shudder.

Masters of Horror

And finally, what better way to follow up a modern horror series than with the best directors in modern horror? Their work is what's on display in Masters of Horror, an anthology series featuring episodes by Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Guillermo del Toro and so many, many more.

Learn from the Masters of Horror on Tubi.

American Horror Story: Delicate returns April 3. Until then, you can watch the beginning of season 12 (and the rest of the show) on Hulu.

Let Popverse carry you into the dark with our American Horror Story watch guide. Already a fan of the show? Stay informed on the AHS Season 12 release date. Think you're an expert? See if you know which AHS cast member has returned the most times. And if you've finished the series and still need more, check out these six shows to watch after American Horror Story.

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