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Back-to-back Blue Exorcist anime series are coming to Crunchyroll starting in October this year

Beyond the Snow Saga will air in October 2024 while The Blue Night Saga will be released in January 2025

Blue Exorcist Beyond the Snow Saga trailer screenshot
Image credit: Studio VOLN

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Ready your swords, because Blue Exorcist is coming back to Crunchyroll. At Anime Expo 2024, the staff of the Blue Exorcist anime revealed that we’re getting another season of Rin and his twin brother Yukio as they try to defeat Rin’s father... who just happens to be the demon lord Satan. So no pressure, right?

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The announcement came with a new trailer for the upcoming season, which showed off a taste of the action ahead of the two brothers. (Watch for yourself directly above!) It also gave fans their first taste of the upcoming opening theme song by Reol titled Re Rescue. The new season of Blue Exorcist’s anime adaptation is titled Blue Exorcist: Beyond the Snow Saga and serves as a direct sequel to Blue Exorcist: Shiname Illuminati Saga, which aired in January 2024. But just because the previous series just ended a few months ago doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait long for more – Blue Exorcist: Beyond the Snow Saga is due to be released in October 2024.

The season will run for two consecutive cours, with the second half of the season being called Blue Exorcist: The Blue Night Saga. That batch of episodes will begin airing in January 2025. Both seasons will be produced by Studio VOLN, who has handled the Blue Exorcist anime since the Shiname Illuminati Saga in January 2024. Crunchyroll will continue to stream Blue Exorcist: Beyond the Snow Saga and The Blue Night Saga.

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Blue Exorcist: Beyond the Snow Saga will debut in October 2024 while Blue Exorcist: The Blue Night Saga is set to arrive shortly after in January 2025.

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