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How to watch the Blue Exorcist anime in order

Exorcise your demons with this Blue Exorcist watch guide

Blue Exorcist
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Adapted from Kazue Kato's 2009 dark fantasy manga of the same name, Blue Exorcist is an anime series that premiered in October 2011. It tells the story of a teenage boy named Rin Okumura, who discovers he is the son of Satan. After the death of his guardian Father Fujimoto, Rin is determined to become an exorcist to take down Satan once and for all.

As an anime series, it is known for its supernatural themes, epic fights, and sympathetic characters. It has drawn favorable comparisons to similar action-adventure anime series such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach. However, it has also been known to confuse some viewers due to plot discrepancies between season 1 and season 2.

After going on hiatus, Blue Exorcist returned in January with its third season known as the Shinmane Illumanti Saga, which concluded in March 2024. In addition, a fourth season known as the Yuki no Hate-hen Saga is set to premiere in October 2024. With months before the new season premiere, there is no better time to dive into the Blue Exorcist anime series. Check out how and where to watch the show below.

How to watch Blue Exorcist in release order

Blue Exorcist
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As far as the release order of Blue Exorcist goes, it is very short and simple. It consists of three seasons and a movie, which includes the following:

  • Blue Exorcist season 1 (2011)
  • Blue Exorcist: The Movie (2012)
  • Blue Exorcist season 2: Kyoto Saga (2017)
  • Blue Exorcist season 3: Shinmane Illumanti (2024)

How to watch Blue Exorcist in chronological order

Blue Exorcist
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If you want to watch Blue Exorcist in chronological order, this is where things deviate a bit. Due to the events of season 2 picking up in the middle of season 1, you can ignore season 1 episodes 16-25 and move onto season 2. A more detailed explanation can be seen below:

  • Blue Exorcist season 1 (2011):

Episode 2 "Gehenna Gate"- contains flashbacks

Episode 3 "Brothers"- contains flashbacks

Episode 4 "Garden of Amahara"

Episode 5 "A Boy From The Cursed Temple"- contains flashbacks

Episode 6 "The Phantom Chef"

Episode 7 "A Flock of Plovers"

Episode 8 "Now A Certain Man Was Sick"

Episode 9 "Memories"- contains flashbacks

Episode 10 "Black Cat"- contains flashbacks

Episode 11 "Demon of The Deep Seas"- contains flashbacks

Episode 12 "A Game of Tag"

Episode 13 "Proof"- contains flashbacks

Episode 14 "A Fun Camping Trip"- contains flashbacks

Episode 15 "Act of Kindness"

  • Blue Exorcist: The Movie (2012)- takes place during season 1 but features an original story unrelated to season 1
  • Blue Exorcist Season 2- Kyoto Saga (2017)

Episode 1 "Small Beginnings"- contains flashbacks to the events of season 1 episode 15

Episode 2 "Strange Bedfellows"- contains flashbacks

Episode 3 "Suspicions Will Raise Bogies"- contains flashbacks

Episode 4 "Act of Treachery"

Episode 5 "Mysterious Connections"

Episode 6 "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"- contains flashbacks

Episode 7 "Like A Fire Burning"

Episode 8 "From Father to Son"

Episode 9 "Through Thick and Thin"- contains flashbacks

Episode 10 "Unbowed and Unbroken"

Episode 11 "Shine Bright As The Sun"

Episode 12 "Candid and Open"- contains flashbacks

  • Blue Exorcist Season 3- Shimane Illuminati Saga

Episode 1 "The World Astir"- contains flashbacks

Episode 2 "What Secrets Are"- contains flashbacks

Episode 3 "True Cross Academy Festival"

Episode 4 "Insider"- contains flashbacks

Episode 5 "Destiny"- contains flashbacks

Episode 6 "I Can't Rely On Anyone"- contains flashbacks

Episode 7 "Hesitation"- contains flashbacks

Episode 8 "Determination"- contains flashbacks

Episode 9 "Help Me"- contains flashbacks

Episode 10 "Friends"

Episode 11 "Pink Spider"-contains flashbacks

Episode 12 "Hidden True Feelings"- contains flashbacks

Where Can I Watch Blue Exorcist?

Blue Exorcist
Image credit: A-1 Pictures

Currently, you can stream Blue Exoricist season 1 on Hulu and all seasons of Blue Exorcist on Crunchyroll. You can also physically purchase Blue Exorcist on DVD via Amazon, the official Blue Exorcist anime website, or anywhere DVDs are sold. You can also purchase Blue Exorcist The Movie anywhere DVDs are sold.

Why is Blue Exorcist season 2 different?

The reason that Blue Exorcist season 2 is different is because the anime series went in a different direction for the storyline after season 1. While season 1 was a loose adaptation of the manga series that featured its own storyline, season 2 is a straightforward manga adaptation that takes place after episode 15 of season 1.

Is Blue Exorcist season 2 a sequel?

Blue Exorcist
Image credit: A-1 Pictures

Blue Exorcist season 2 is complicated. Since season 2's storyline has a brand new story arc, it can technically be considered a sequel. However, because it also takes place after season 1 episode 15 of the series, it can also be considered a remix of that season.

Is the Blue Exorcist anime series finished?

As mentioned earlier, a fourth season of Blue Exorcist called the Yuki no Hate-hen Saga will premiere October 2024 exclusively on Crunchyroll.

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