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Blue Lock season 2 gets release date and will be streaming on Crunchyroll this October

The search for the perfect striker continues, and now we know exactly when

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Sports anime fans are having a very good year. Between the first of the final Haikyuu! movies coming out and Blue Lock: Episode Nagi hitting cinemas, there has been plenty of competitive action to go around. We knew that Blue Lock season two was on its way this October, but now we have a proper release date to look forward to as well.

Crunchyroll confirmed that Blue Lock season two would start airing on October 5, 2024 at their Anime Expo 2024 panel along with assuring fans that they would once again be streaming the series outside of Japan. This puts its release date almost exactly two years after the first season began airing.

The announcement comes just after Blue Lock: Episode Nagi, the first spin-off film based on the popular soccer manga, hit theaters in the US and other overseas markets, so fans are suitably hyped to see more of one of the most intense sports anime around. Unlike most sports anime, which puts the focus firmly on teamwork and comradery, Blue Lock is all about the most unhealthy aspects of competition. Groups of young aspiring soccer stars are put into a program to help develop the best striker Japan has ever seen. The best player to come out of the program will lead Japan to victory, but they will have to crush their competition along the way.

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If you love sports anime as much as we do and are looking for something a bit more intense than the usual fare, you won’t want to miss Blue Lock season two when it debuts on Crunchyroll on October 5, 2024.

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