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How and where to watch Blue Lock and its spin-off movie before season 2 finally arrives

One of the best sports anime of all time, Blue Lock, is getting another outing.

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As the world gets ready to dive into Blue Lock: Episode Nagi, we’re also eagerly awaiting the upcoming second season of the epic sports anime. With so much happening in the world of Blue Lock, it is the perfect time to jump in if you’re new to the series or to jump back in if you’re due a rewatch before season two.

If you’re a bit confused about how to watch Blue Lock in order, you’re in luck. It isn’t a terribly complicated anime to watch and it only has one season so far, so catching up should be an easy goal.

How to watch Blue Lock in release order

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With just one season and one spin-off movie to consider, it is easy to nail down the release order for Blue Lock. So far, the anime only includes 24 episodes and one film, but that is set to change in October 2024 when Blue Lock season two comes out.

The release order for Blue Lock is:

How to watch Blue Lock in chronological order

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Blue Lock likes to throw the occasional flashback at viewers, but it follows a fairly straightforward timeline for the anime. The only real wrinkle is Blue Lock: Episode Nagi, which is a prequel film that shows the friendship between lazy soccer prodigy Nagi Seishiro and Mikage Reo as it begins and up to when they start in the Blue Lock Project.

The chronological order for Blue Lock is:

  • Blue Lock: Episode Nagi spin-off film
  • Blue Lock Season 1 Episodes 1-24

Where can I watch Blue Lock?

Blue Lock screenshot
Image credit: Eight Bit

Blue Lock: Episode Nagi is just starting its theatrical run in the West, but you can catch the first season of the anime on Crunchyroll. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, we expect season two of Blue Lock to also stream on Crunchyroll later this year.

When is Blue Lock Season 2 coming out?

We’re all buzzing with excitement over Blue Lock season two, but we won’t have to wait too much longer. The second season of Blue Lock will start on October 5, 2024, following directly where the previous season left off. This outing will be a bit shorter than the previous one, with just 14 episodes as opposed to season one’s 24.

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