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Bye Bye, Earth release date: When will the fantasy anime debut on Crunchyroll

Speak softly and carry a big sword.

Bye Bye, Earth screenshot
Image credit: Liden Films

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The upcoming anime Bye Bye, Earth has had an unusual path toward animation. While most anime start out as a manga, Bye Bye, Earth was originally a 2000 novel series and was later adapted into a manga from 2019 to 2022. That manga is serving as the basis for the anime that is set to debut as part of the Summer 2024 anime season. Finally, we know when the Bye Bye, Earth anime release date will be.

The first episode of Bye Bye, Earth is set to air on July 12, 2024 in Japan. International fans can rest assured that Crunchyroll has already snagged the streaming rights for the show outside of Japan, though they haven’t said if there will be an English dub produced for the show. That detail probably won’t be finalized until the last half of June.

Bye Bye, Earth follows Belle Lablac, who is the only human in a world filled with anthropomorphic animals. Because she doesn’t have fur or fangs or anything like that, she has been shunned her whole life and called “Faceless.” She isn’t exactly helpless, though – she possesses the strength and skill necessary to wield Runding, a legendary, massive sword. With it, she sets out to find a place where she belongs and others like her.

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The first trailer highlights some of the characters that Belle meets during her journey - both friend and foe - and gives us a taste of what the strange world she has been born into looks like. Bye Bye, Earth will debut on July 12, 2024 and will stream on Crunchyroll alongside its Japanese broadcast. We are still waiting for confirmation if the anime will get an English dub.

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