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New Megan Thee Stallion track Otaku Hot Girl appears to sample from Jujutsu Kaisen anime, despite some hurdles from MAPPA

The rapper had to jump through "eight million hoops" to make it happen

Jujutsu Kaisen
Image credit: MAPPA

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For years now, Megan Thee Stallion has been vying for the title of Queen of the Weebs, and she may have finally managed to solidify her claim today as her new album Megan drops. Included amongst the tracks is Otaku Hot Girl, which features a sample from a popular anime that required the Grammy-winning artist to jump through “eight million hoops” to get permission to use.

On June 26, 2024, Thee Stallion spoke to fans on an Instagram live broadcast shortly before the Dallas show on her Hot Girl Summer tour about the difficulties. Being careful not to name the studio or even the anime she got the sample from, Megan said that she originally recorded the track months ago and, after going back and forth with the anime studio, thought that they had everything locked down to allow her to use the sample. However, they apparently had concerns about the lyrics in the song.

The studio’s requirements for allowing Megan Thee Stallion to use the sample weren’t just confined to changing the lyrics. They also said that if she shot a video for the song, she couldn’t cosplay any characters from the show. However, their most difficult requirement came just days before the new album came out. Two days before Megan’s release on June 28, the studio sent her an email saying that she had to remove any character names from the song Otaku Hot Girl, something that was a tall order considering physical copies would have already been shipped to stores.

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“Take out the names of the characters that in the show?!” Megan Thee Stallion screamed as she was getting ready for her Dallas performance. “That is the whole song! That makes the song make sense!”

The solution was that she had to rewrite the song, rush to a makeshift studio they had set up at the Dallas venue, and record the vocals for the track. Which she did because she wanted to use the sample “real bad.”

So which anime and which studio are at the heart of Megan Thee Stallion’s Otaku Hot Girl track? She still hasn’t officially confirmed it, but keen-eared fans have noticed a beat in the background that is suspiciously similar to the ad bumper for Jujutsu Kaisen season two, which would mean that Otaku Hot Girl samples the popular anime by MAPPA. It also opens up with the English voice actor for protagonist Itadori, Adam McArthur, riffing on the character’s preference in women, saying, “I like a tall woman with a nice, big ass. Just sayin’. Like Grammy-winner Megan Thee Stallion.”

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However, there are still several references to Jujutsu Kaisen characters in the lyrics to Otaku Hot Girl as it is currently streaming on sites like Spotify, including the refrain that says, “Can’t touch me like Gojo / Look good in all my photos” so there is some confusion about what Megan Thee Stallion meant by MAPPA making her remove character names from the track. They may have only made her remove them in some contexts or refused to let her use certain characters.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Megan Thee Stallion has proven to be a huge anime fan. During the Hot Girl Summer tour’s Detroit show, two cosplayers dressed as Gojo and Sakuna twerked like pros on stage with the rapper.

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