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My Hero Academia: You're Next film finally gets a US release date and it is just a few months away

The movie will release with both subtitles and in an English dub

My Hero Academia: You're Next trailer screenshot
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In the aftermath of All Might’s retirement, the world of My Hero Academia changed forever. The anime is still dealing with the fallout from that moment, but it's also set to become the focus of the fourth movie in the My Hero Academia franchise. Fans have been eagerly waiting for when My Hero Academia: You’re Next is coming to US theaters... and now, we finally have an answer.

At their panel at Anime Expo 2024, TOHO Animation confirmed that they were bringing the highly anticipated movie to US cinemas later this year. My Hero Academia: You’re Next will debut on October 11, 2024 in the US, following its Japanese opening on August 2 – the same week that the My Hero Academia manga is due to end. Like previous films in the franchise, it will be available with both English subtitles and in an English dub upon release.

Although My Hero Academia: You’re Next is likely to sit firmly outside of what is considered canon to the manga and anime, it will probably be helpful to have gotten caught up with the anime before you go to see it. It takes place around the start of My Hero Academia season seven, with the collapse of society in the aftermath of the dramatic revelations of season six. During this fragile time, someone resembling All Might shows up in a giant fortress to take advantage of the chaos.

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My Hero Academia: You’re Next is going to hit US cinemas on October 11, 2024, just a few months after it lands in Japanese theaters.

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