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My Hero Academia: You're Next release date: When is the superpowered sequel coming to cinemas?

The fourth My Hero Academia movie is coming this summer.

My Hero Academia You're Next trailer screenshot
Image credit: BONES

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The idea of heroes inspiring the next generation is pretty central to the world of My Hero Academia. All Might’s dramatic retirement from the hero profession in season 3 was one of the highlights of the series, serving as the catalyst for most of the dramatic moments that have happened since. It also seems to have inspired the villain in the upcoming My Hero Academia: You’re Next, which has a release date later this year.

The film’s announcement trailer showed off its new villain, whose look appears directly inspired by the former Symbol of Peace, but it also revealed that the movie would be hitting Japanese cinemas on August 2, 2024. Bones, the studio that has animated each season of the incredibly popular Shonen anime, is once again bringing the world of My Hero Academia to life.

As with most Shonen anime films, My Hero Academia: You’re Next has a rather nebulous relationship with the anime’s canon. It will be an original story that takes place between the sixth and seventh seasons of the anime judging by the character designs we saw in the trailer. That plot is still mostly under wraps, but we’re intrigued by the presence of a villain who has taken All Might’s final message before he retired from costumed heroics.

Can’t wait until August 2 to see more of My Hero Academia? The seventh season of the massively popular superhero anime is due out in the Spring 2024 season, several months before My Hero Academia: You’re Next will hit cinemas around the world.

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